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training documentation systemThis tool will enable the EHS compliance manager to implement, document and track training activities within their organization. Large amounts of training data can be effortlessly organized into a Management System, thereby providing control, consistency and continuity within the organizations own training requirements.

The Insight ViaTM Training Documentation System application puts control in the hands of the Safety Manager. The ability to customize training materials - including instructions for how specific training topics should be presented - and link training programs to corporate policies, ensures that employees are receiving training that is accurate, consistent, and in line with company safety objectives. Designed to streamline the training process, it will make your training program easier to manage and more effective for employees. This application has numerous features including the following:

  • Design and schedule training programs
  • Upload videos, files and photos
  • Printable Certifications
  • Trainer and Trainee signature retention
  • Track corporate compliance requirements
  • Track and generate reports by class, location, operation, employee and more

These are just a few of the features that make this management program exactly what you need to create a safer workplace. Available in more than 20 different languages, this application will adapt to any industry efficiently and effectively!

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