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task hazard analysisThe Insight ViaTM Task Hazard Analysis application helps to identify risk and reduce incidents with a systems approach to hazard analysis. It enables the employees to easily access and print steps for performing a specific task safely. This easy to use application allows access to all task hazards, steps and procedures while ensuring that your workers are trained on the correct steps and procedures....every time.


  • Managers can break tasks into chronological steps
  • Assess the risk associated with each step and task
  • Select positions that will be affected by individual tasks
  • Recommend personal protective equipment for each task or step within a task
  • Printable tasks and procedures
  • Create training frequency for each task
  • Managers can break tasks into chronological steps
  • Train on the proper steps and the associated risks
  • Assign and track review frequencies for each task
  • Record task training for employees once a task has been finalized
  • Track versions of individual tasks
  • Upload files for visual instructions
  • Task library kept for easy task creation
  • Separate tasks by process, business unit, department or shift
  • Deliver tasks and hazard analysis with control, consistency and continuity throughout your company, regardless of employee position
  • Robust reporting system
  • Translates into multiple languages

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