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incident reportingRecording and investigation of incidents are the first steps in the RCI Safety continuous improvement process application. Monitoring, recording and studying incidents enable the entire process to be effective. Ironically, the ultimate goal of eliminating accidents and injuries would be difficult to achieve if not for the opportunity to document and review incidents in the first place.

The Insight ViaTM Safety Management System applications provide you the opportunity to improve the safety culture and environment of your organization in several ways:

  • Establish a consistent approach to manage, record, track and respond to incidents while identifying potential safety hazards and root causes
  • Implement more accurate root-cause analysis to determine future prevention strategies
  • Develop and recommend preventive corrective actions
  • Streamline reporting processes and corporate policy updates; generate real time reports instantly
  • Communicate to all workers in real-time from one convenient hosting portal
  • Input and track all incidents within your company — regardless of size and number of locations — through one centralized online portal accessible, to all employees and locations

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