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document mgtThe Document Management & Administration application puts consistency at managers' fingertips. The ability to review, update and version policies and procedures, AND deliver them quickly and easily, eliminates the chance that inaccurate or out-of-date policy information will be distributed to employees.

This application allows companies to create, deliver, update and version policies and documents more efficiently. The ability to compare updated documents to outdated versions ensures the most recent policies are accurately reflected which is one of the many advantages to this system.


  • Edit/update and version policy or procedural documents from one central web-based portal
  • Assign policies to different facility types, business units or regions; customize by operation, location or department
  • Compare different policy or procedural versions for accuracy and historical documentation
  • Access and display only the most recently reviewed and updated versions for managers or employees
  • Generate reports to document policy changes and implementation
  • Upload supporting files
  • Select/assign document owner(s) for each policy
  • Automatically generate notifications to managers when policy changes occur
  • Automatically generate notifications to document owners when policy reviews are due
  • Fully integrate policies and documents across different record keeping applications
  • Tie policies/procedures to training programs, incident investigations and audits
  • Available in more than 20 languages

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