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behavior based safetyThe RCI Safety philosophy is deeply rooted in the concept of behavioral safety; the belief that humans are inspired by the opportunity to achieve and are likely to work harder at specific tasks when they feel their efforts will benefit both themselves and their company. The approach often requires organizations to alter their fundamental and motivational framework from one of avoidance to accomplishment. Fostering safe work practices will also likely necessitate a change in organizational thinking — through a more deliberate effort to reinforce safe behaviors — no finger-pointing, no repercussions, and no excuses.

The Insight ViaTM behavior-based safety (BBS) application allows organizations to isolate specific workplace behaviors related to several different tasks, identify the risk of potential injury and develop corrective actions ... by employee, department or location if desired. The customizable RCI Safety BBS application also has the capacity to alter or build different forms for specific facility types, and integrates fully with all other Insight Via Web-based applications.

The Insight Via BBS reporting system also generates easy-to-understand reports — in a variety of formats — based on behaviors, locations and degree of compliance with your company's stated objectives. The innovative global Web application can be translated automatically into multiple languages, allowing the information to be shared and understood by facilities located around the world.

*Directly links with our BBS EZ-Scan product and My RCI mobile application.

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