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bbs ez scanThe Insight ViaTM BBS EZ Scan application allows managers to streamline their behavior based safety process by effortlessly organizing large amounts of observation data.

Too often observation feedback is not used to improve company safety. This application allows EHS managers to easily capture observation feedback and act upon it to create a safer workplace.


  • Create observation checklists in the Insight Via Behavior Based Safety Application
  • Print observation checklists straight from the Inisght Via Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Upload behavior observation checklists into Insight Via SMS
  • Data updated immediately into SMS
  • Real time reporting of safe and unsafe behavior
  • Track and trend safe and unsafe observations
  • Ability to track barriers to safe working conditions if applicable
  • Create incidents for follow up based on barriers or unsafe conditions
  • Assign corrective actions to improve workplace safety
  • Track and trend observations for continuous improvement
  • Robust reporting functions
  • Works with any scanner, no special equipment needed
  • No custom printing required
  • No custom programming required
  • Same day setup to implementation
  • Supports multiple languages

Download BBS EZ Scan PDF

RCI Safety is now part of DEKRA Insight.
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