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audit mgtThe Insight ViaTM Audit Management Application streamlines the auditing process so your organization can gain an accurate picture of program implementation. When developing an Audit Management System you need to inspect what you expect - efficiently and accurately. This application will help manage internal and external audits based on your own company policies and procedures.


  • Schedule and track internal and external audits and inspections
  • Audit back to internal policies or procedures
  • Assign audit teams
  • Set frequency of audits
  • Customize audits specific to location or operation; assign maximum scores for each
  • Record results of audits and inspections
  • Document and track compliance with established company policies and expectations
  • Assign corrective actions
  • Track audit findings and corrective actions to completion
  • Trend audit scores by policy, audit, audit question or location over time
  • Track repeat audit findings
  • Separate audits by business units, regions, location types, departments and shifts
  • Request corporate policy or procedural reviews based on audit findings
  • Generate, sort and track reports (completed/uncompleted, approved/unapproved, corporate/location)
  • Streamline audits and reports between internal and external auditors
  • Record audit completion dates and participation of audit teams
  • Ability to take audits off-line and perform audits on hand-held devices
  • Force feedback from auditors based upon audit findings and scores
  • Available in multiple languages

This application allows companies inspect what they expect efficiently and accurately. Among its many features it has flexible customization capabilities to allow managers to generate and sort reports by relevance, track audit findings, follow-up on repeat findings, and initiate safety improvement actions more efficiently.

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