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about rci safety smsThe Insight ViaTM Web-based safety management system allows a vast amount of information to be recorded from a multitude of different sources — all contained in one place. The information can be translated into easy-to-read reports that allow safety personnel to effectively analyze where additional resources should be allocated. The customizable applications require no software; hence no software installation or maintenance is required. Updates are reflected immediately upon activation by our world-class team of program developers, followed by email notifications automatically generated to appropriate personnel.

What makes the Insight ViaTM SMS so effective is its ability to bring all of the information together — to close the loop — in one convenient and empowering database. Our system applications provide control, consistency and continuity of your safety process; freeing up more of your valuable time for other responsibilities. It's a formula that has successfully lowered total incident rates and the severity of job-related accidents and exposures for companies — large and small — worldwide.

No other Web-based safety management system today is truly integrated like the RCI Safety approach.

RCI Safety is now part of DEKRA Insight.
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