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safety consultingStriving to create safer workplace solutions, we believe safe actions eventually result in a personal belief, moral or value. Therefore, we centered our Safety Consulting Services around:

Integrity-Based Safety
Our Flagship Safety Methodology and Philosophy

Controlling workplace injuries and reducing risk not only makes good business sense, it is also a moral imperative for every organization. Integrity-Based Safety takes this to the next level and parallels actions, principles and expectations of a company into safety success. Generating an honest and ethical personality among employees will in itself create a safer workplace. To that end, RCI Safety provides solutions to help companies identify hazards, develop mitigation strategies, and measure results.

RCI Safety Consulting Services has the overriding philosophy that in order to accomplish workplace safety effectively organizations must have senior leadership that is involved in the safety process, must have employees who take personal ownership for safety, and have management strategies that relentlessly reduce risk and continuously improve performance.

Our Services that function to assist clients in achieving World-Class Safety Performance include:

  • Design, Implementation, and Optimization of Behavior Based Safety Processes
  • Establishment of Safety Cultural Norms that foster employee engagement and leadership involvement in safety
  • The CARES Survey™ Safety Cultural Assessment
  • Leadership Safety Training
  • Supervisor Safety Educational Modules
  • Employee Safety Ownership Training

Our RCI Safety consulting experts will assist you in creating customized solutions to meet your company's needs, define metrics and measurement that reflect process improvements and foster strategies to increase management participation and employee ownership of your company's safety program and culture.

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