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rci philosophy
"RCI Safety has always had an innate desire to help keep workers safe and healthy; versus just helping our customers comply."
- Ron Demaray, CEO

Dedicated to protecting the health, well-being and lives of your employees, RCI Safety provides management systems and related services proven effective in identifying risk, reducing incidents, documenting results and inspiring individuals at all levels to not just practice safety ... but live it.
The staff with RCI Safety has in-depth knowledge and experience working with many diverse industries such as agribusiness, food processing, mining, oil and gas, hospitality, construction and more. We have successfully assisted hundreds of companies in fostering a workplace culture that motivates and engages employees at all levels to embrace safety enthusiastically.

The health and safety management applications from RCI Safety provide control, consistency and continuity of your safety process without silos of data and duplicate entries, hence streamlining the process and freeing up more of your valuable time for other responsibilities. The RCI Safety applications also help mitigate risk by maintaining ongoing records and documentation.